16-18 Discretionary Learner Support Fund

16-18 Discretionary Learner Support Fund


Approved Term 1 DLSF Applications

(Received by 15th November)

Please Note:

Term 1 Credit has been added to Your college ID card.

The amount is available for you to spend.

For further information please contact the Welfare Department based

in “The Hub”

3rd Floor Central Campus

Excel Women’s Group

Free School Meals

The 3R’s

Bring Your Own Device Printing


This is just a reminder that it is easy to print from personal devices in college. Simply connect your device to eduroam WiFi.

On apple devices, no First Time user setup is needed, when you go to print on IOS (iPhone or iPad) the college printers you have access to such as ‘FollowMe Printer’ will automatically appear. For MacOS, simply go to add a printer, and the college printers will be available.

On Android, Follow this link, it takes 2 minutes, then you’re ready.

On Windows – Again Follow this link for details, it takes two minutes!

Chromebooks – Follow this link!


No Hats or Caps

Free College meals

Book your own PC session

Click this image to go to the booking page and log in with your usual details


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