College Resources From Home

If you wish to work from home then we recommend you add this site, the “Staff Portal”, to your devices.

  • On college equipment it is already your start page!
  • For your home PC or on mobile devices enter the web address in your browser to visit this page and then add to your bookmarks.

By adding this page you will have quick access to the college applications and Resources. You can also use the AnyConnect VPN software on your college laptop . Or you can use a college Virtual Desktop, a college PC in your browser on any device, find the link on the college website under Staff Login, or on the applications section of this portal.

Network Drives are available via the web or via desktop, android and apple IOS apps. Access to web portal again available from college website or applications page on the portal. Desktop app can be installed by downloading from the web portal, mobile apps available on the app stores.


HE Admissions and Inductions Survey Results

The 3R’s

Bring Your Own Device Printing


This is just a reminder that it is easy to print from personal devices in college. Simply connect your device to eduroam WiFi.

On apple devices, no First Time user setup is needed, when you go to print on IOS (iPhone or iPad) the college printers you have access to such as ‘FollowMe Printer’ will automatically appear. For MacOS, simply go to add a printer, and the college printers will be available.

On Android, Follow this link, it takes 2 minutes, then you’re ready.

On Windows – Again Follow this link for details, it takes two minutes!

Chromebooks – Follow this link!


WiFi Access – eduroam


The college provides free internet access through eduroam.

To connect your phone, tablet or laptop simply search for the wireless method called Eduroam and connect.

When prompted, enter your college email address in the Identity field – your email is

If there is an Anonymous Identity option leave this empty.

Enter your college password in the Password field. This will be your date of birth if you have not yet changed it.

For most devices these two fields are all that need to be completed before pressing connect.

Eduroam will enable you to roam between Sandwell sites and other organisations sites that run eduroam without having to login to the WIFI again.

If this does not work more detailed instructions can be found at alternatively if you pop into one of the Learning Centres a member of staff should be able to assist.