Face Covering Policy

Dear Colleagues,
Please find the college’s policy on the use of face coverings here. Please ensure that you fully understand the college’s position. You can find more information on face mask exemptions here.
Thank you for your continued efforts during enrolment.

The Human Resources Team

Graham Q&A (21/09/2020)

Enrolment Update

Please see an enrolment update below:

Please see a video presentation (with sound) with an overview of changes to the enrolment process for the current year here

In preparation for enrolment please find the enrolment rota for support functions and senior staff support in this link

Enrolment timetable swapping Link

Staff Portal Welcome Back Letter

Welcome Back Guide – August 2020

The College Restart site contains information on the college restart work.

Staff should now go and have their 20/21 ID Cards printed from Reception.

Cards are activated on all systems with 30 minutes of being printed.


College email is now Outlook.

All email is now being routed with your Outlook accounts.

Webmail links have been adjusted on the staff login page of the college website and the Staff Portal Webmail links.

The Outlook desktop application has been deployed to all required college devices, you can install it along with Office on personal devices by logging into our Office 365 dashboard.

6 months of your latest data is available.

Access to the email archive will remain available and uninterrupted: here

Some departments have been worked with directly to arrange different immediate data transfer plans – If you are one of these, those agreements supersede the above 6 months rule.

Microsoft Outlook training from Microsoft is available here.

Re-Adding email sync to your phone details, in order of popularity on GroupWise:

iPhone/iPad iOS Mail App click here.

Android Mail App click here.

Outlook app on iPhone click here.

Outlook app on Android click here.

The ILT helpdesk phone line will be manned for queries: 0121 667 5003.

The IT support desk will be available as normal.

Marketing Resources

Q & A with the Principal

Mimecast Personal Portal now available

Dear Colleague

We have made available the Mimecast Personal Portal for your convenience.

You can now release held messages and review them quickly without needing to contact IT Services. Messages blocked for serious security violations would still need to be authorised for delivery by the Network Services Team.

Access is available HERE

Simply use your college email address and college network password to login.

Service has also been made available as an application and can be found in the usual website and portal locations.

RATS now accessible from everywhere!

Dear Colleague

We have adjusted RATS system access so it can now be accessed from any device without needing to be on the college network, VPN or Virtual Desktop.

You will now be asked for your username and network password as usual when accessing.

Thank You

Network Services

Try out ClickView Video for your online course content


Remember to try out ClickView Video. It has thousands of educational videos for teaching and learning for all subject areas. You can also create your own interactive video resources. All the content can be added as a ClickView Video ‘resource’ on your VLE course page.  It also has ready made online lessons for you to add to your course. https://www.clickview.co.uk/


College Resources From Home

If you wish to work from home then we recommend you add this site, the “Staff Portal”, to your devices.

  • On college equipment it is already your start page!
  • For your home PC or on mobile devices enter the web address http://portal.sandwell.ac.uk/staff/ in your browser to visit this page and then add to your bookmarks.

By adding this page you will have quick access to the college applications and Resources. You can also use the AnyConnect VPN software on your college laptop . Or you can use a college Virtual Desktop, a college PC in your browser on any device, find the link on the college website under Staff Login, or on the applications section of this portal.

Network Drives are available via the web or via desktop, android and apple IOS apps. Access to web portal again available from college website or applications page on the portal. Desktop app can be installed by downloading from the web portal, mobile apps available on the app stores.